Our destination for the day was to see The Mythbusters live show in Releigh, NC and, after the first shift of driving, Kacey volunteered to drive next. She was unfamiliar with some of my car’s quirks.

Kacey: Is that vibrating a problem?
Me: No. Tires need to be aligned.
Kacey: And when it shakes when I hit the brakes, is that a problem?
Me: I need to get my brakes replaced.
Kacey: Hm… what’s this light on the dashboard?
Me: I need to get an oil change.

I tried and failed to sleep but we got there on time and started watching the show.
On Tour

They went through a collection of what I’d consider standard science tricks like how to lie on a bed of nails.
Adam on a Bed of Nails
The principle here being while one nail is sharp, many nails with a distributed weight will not puncture skin.

They did some more impressive pieces and one focused on how quickly one can get used to a changed perspective. Using Bluetooth cameras, they had created a rig that shows you in a modified third person perspective and had audience volunteers do an obstacle course. The second person also was subject to some scale changes that involved midgets.

I felt I was too far away to get good pictures and during the intermission creeped my way up front. An usher asked what I was doing there, not having the premium seating pass and I proffered my notebook, camera, and student ID as bonefides that I was part of the Temple University Press Corps and was there to take pictures. She let me in and I was now close enough to get awesome shots of Adam Savage’s moobs.
Myth Test
The finale of the paintball gatling gun pointed at a man wearing armor was impressive and had a Mythbustersiness to it that was appropriate.

All in all the show suffered from the same problems as a lot of live shows. Difficulty transitioning between pieces, uninteresting audience questions, and a scale that was limited by venue. Was it worth the ticket price? Yes. Would I go again to a repeat performance? Probably not.

After a late dinner, our vacation was officially over and it had been a good one.
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