Light Painting and Libertarians

Suzie, Brad, Michael, and I were headed to Chicago this weekend for the Chicago Comic Entertainment Expo (C2E2) but the night before, Suzie, Brad, Kai, and I went light painting in Ault Park.

I really like light painting.  As a technique, it has a very low barrier to entry and rewards imagination.  Brad’s artistic skill and willingness to try everything five times helped as did Suzie’s and Kai’s willingness to be flashed repeatedly in the face while being asked to stand completely still.

Once Brad got an idea of what we could do, he let loose to much success:
Big Daddy on Wall
These images are largely unedited as that’s kind of the point of light painting.

The above is drawn directly with the pen light on my key chain. If you combine this with an actual person illuminated by a light wash you can add secondary features like Suzie’s wings.
Winged Suzie
Faces don’t hold up to tight scrutiny as even the stillest person will introduce some movement over a 25 second exposure.

Light painting also allows you to do a one-man scene:
Me Shooting Myself
My one request of Brad was that he not draw me holding a penis gun. I am thankful to him for meeting that request.

Finally, Brad got a chance to be the subject and produced a shot of some anime reference. I think he’s attacking the world with a spoon of light but he’s happy with it so I am by extension:
Brad Doing Something

After the park, Suzie and I retired to our AirBNB hosts for the evening. They had a libertarian presidential candidate sign in their lawn, introduced themselves as libertarians, their wifi network was “LiveFreeOrDie” and they had a stack of Reason magazines on the coffee table. These people weren’t kidding. The bedroom has a lending library bookshelf of the works of Ray Bradbury and Ayn Rand. I wonder if they used AirBNB more as a way to proselytize rather than gain income. If so, kudos for using market forces.