C2E2 Vignettes

DC Panel

I am interested in DC’s New 52 reboot.  There, a Red Shirt Guy asked: “So, you indicated that with the new 52 there would be a rewrite of backstories yet Redcliff is still destroyed as is was in the previous continuity.  Are we to believe that both redcliff’s are destroyed by coincidence?”

Another person asked “Will the Joker return?” to which the panelists responded “While I can’t divulge the full line, there will be a character noted for a purple suit that smiles a lot”.  Looks like Batmat is going to fight Barney.

The Hall

The artist alley was interesting enough that I felt compelled to buy a fake mustache.  It was well made and well sold with a pitch of “does himself the modern man find in frantic pace of modernity situations in which he finds himself undermustachioed?  This contrivance of small size and great utility will help the otherwise dapper man fill this hole in his presence thusly. *Holds fake mustache to nose*

The costumes were mixed in quality, but I got to see the cutest little Jedi.

Littlest Padawan

My favorite was the Dr. Who puppet. I’m a sucker for puppets.
Dr. Who Puppeteer

I had to jump out in the middle to go meet a high school friend.

Here are the other shots:
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Meeting Erin

Erin is a friend of mine from high school who thought I was a drinker because my Facebook profile picture at the time was me with my head under a tap. Nope. We’ve not talked in a decade and she described me to her fiance as follows: He’ll be wearing a t-shirt with another t-shirt over it and a vest. Shorts, white socks, and functional yet dressy shoes.

I asked her about her work in Modern art, a topic I enjoy and as the conversation continued and the beers kept coming she realized I was genuinely interested in her field and not just making polite conversation. After the 6th beer, she was having trouble making a sentence about some intellectual and shouted at the ceiling “why did I start drinking at 10?!” Erin’s not a lush but has a longstanding beer passion and supported herself as a beer blogger for a while. Saturday is her unwind day.

Parting Thoughts

Me: Brad.
Brad: Yes, Terry?
Me: What does it mean that at this point in my life I’m fine with seeing two dudes kiss, but I am very bothered by couples who are dressed as characters that aren’t from the same fictional universe?
Brad: It means you have your priorities in order.