The Constants of A Person

Gina is a friend of mine from High School that recently moved back to Philadelphia and has taken to running.  We got together for dinner at Beau Monde, a creperie on 6th and Bainbridge that I remember enjoying in High School.  The entire wait staff was in skintight leather and the crepes were good.  I remember one of those from high school but wonder if the other was what really made the selection for me.  Gina and I talked and we went over our recent past.  She had apparently gained and then lost a lot of weight, started and then quit smoking, and dated and then stopped recently but now had a vastly better job.  I had gained and lost a lot of weight, gained and then lost a neat job (medical device start-up gig), and started and stopped dating, but now I had a vastly improved cardiovascular capacity.  I’d prefer the job.