Race Challenge

The Broad Street Run had jazzed me up about running and now I wanted to do it with other people. After yesterday’s race, the members of the Temple contingent swapped notes and stories and I enjoyed this part of the event much more than I thought I would.

Today, I walked around work asking people if they wanted to do the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon. The answers I received were varied:

Julia: Sure.
Joe: Can you ask me a month from now?
Carl: No.
Everett: Can I say yes, then bail on you while training?
Pauline: Ok, sounds hard, but I’ll do it.

That last one was a victory. Once Pauline jumped on board, I used her as a club.

John B: No thank you.
Me: But Pauline’s doing it.
John B: The short woman from EHS?
Me: Yep. You’re not going to let her beat you, are you?
John B: Dammit. I’ll do it.