Cheesecake Dodge

There are some people at work that have repeatedly proven to make my job easier. Sometimes this has been guiding me through a paperwork thicket and other times it’s just been keeping me abreast of changes coming down the pike that would influence how I do my job. These people receive special visits from me on cheesecake days and today I made my way downstairs with two pieces of chocolate-glazed cheesecake and dropped one off at the mailroom. My next target was in a cubicle farm downstairs and as I approached her desk her boss popped over to talk to her. I quickly dodged down another row not wanting him to catch me dropping off cheesecake. Why? To avoid this:

Him: What’s the cheesecake for?
Me: To thank her.
Him: For what?
Me: I did something crazy dangerous in the lab and rather than writing me up for it she helped hold the ladder while I changed the lightbulb one-handed over the mixer without safety glasses on.

I did a few circles around area and rechecked every few minutes to see if he had gone. The cube dwellers started to get suspicious so I had to walk around another wing. Finally he left and I dropped off the cheesecake. She was grateful and I later checked my pedometer logs to find that I had walked 2/3rds of a mile to avoid her boss.