Cub-o-ree Pregaming

Tomorrow is the Council Cub-o-ree, the first event of its kind that the Council has done since I can remember and I was asked to provide program for six stations and walk around and take pictures. I had also done the web page and set up registration but this was peanuts compared to what I normally do for an event.

Normally I run things and the feeling of unimportance regarding the Cub-o-ree was wonderful. My presence or absence would probably just nudge the success or failure of the event but not cause it. This realization has created a rule for me that I’m going to try to follow in the future:

“What I will provide: a pair of hands to run program, the materials for a program, or the idea for a program. Choose one.” I don’t mind doing photography or web stuff, but the above rule is something I’ll try to stick to for most future programs.