Doctor Revisit

I had a doctor visit today and I can’t remember when I was last this excited to see my doctor. When last we had seen each other I weighed 402 lbs and I was on my way down from my peak of 420 lbs. After a paperwork update and some preliminary paperwork I was in an examination room and waited. I had dropped 150 lbs from my last visit and the back and forth with the doctor sounded like this:

HIm: What the hell are you doing to yourself?
Me: Eating less and exercising.
Him: Good job. I see you have a question for me.
Me: Yeah, I’d like to talk about getting a medically covered abdomenoplasty.
Him: That’s tough, what are your symptoms?
Me: Chronic skin abrasion again my clothing, difficulty sleeping, and some lower back problems if I’ve been leaning forward at all during the day.
Him: I’ll add it to your record. Keep up the good work. See you in a month?
Me: See you in 10 lbs.
Him: Don’t get cocky.