Ninth Last Day

Today is my ninth last day at my current firm. I had three last days while I was an intern followed by one about every 18 months when my contract was renewed. Over nine years that’s added up and I’ve been labeled as a bit of a boomerang. A parade of people said “oh, you’ll be back” but this one is a bit different. This isn’t a contract issue, or a school thing, this is a restructuring. I won’t be back in any similar capacity.

There were a lot of outstanding tasks to finish and my boss asked if there was anything he could do to help, I replied “bring me back Monday” but he didn’t see the humor in this. I stayed late to finish up what I could and on the way out I turned out the lights as the last person in my area to leave.

I’ve worked here for nine years and I am not bitter in my departure. Disappointed, yes, but not bitter. A little more heads up would have been nice so I could appropriately wind down my work but I should move on.