St. Michael’s Fair

Randy and Kelly Booz invited me out to the St. Michael’s Fair in Tullytown. It was a fair with a wide assortment of fried food and my standard prayer that there were yet to be any STDs that had gone airborne. Should aerosolized syphilis someday be discovered I’m confident I have met its patient zero.

Randy and Kelly were there with their sidekicks Chris and Jess and with Caleb as special guest. The night was hot and I consumed neither rides nor food, but I did take advantage of the soft lighting that comes from omnipresent bulbs.

From 2012-07-05 St. Michael's Fair

Fairs and I have a long history of getting along. The last I attended was on Thanksgivinga few years ago and fairs were the first place I had seen rock candy, those combination umbrella hats, a biplane, and rubber band guns. This fair had no such charm. I would be elsewhere soon.