Fishy Headshots

Although I had been gone for two weeks, everyone at work had stories to tell me as if we’d not seen each other for a decade. One fellow told me of his adventures spearfishing and how messy it was. I asked if you could just aim for the brain and be done with it quickly and was told “Terry, the brain of a fish is the size of a pea. If you miss a little, you’ll hit it in the eye which is a hard place to pull a steel dart from. In spearfishing, there are no head shots”.

I worked late and went straight from work to Ockanickon without a chance to change. I was wearing a purple shirt that I thought made me look like a blueberry but everyone seemed to think it was a bold fashion move. One staff member looked at me and said “pooh, my name’s Terry and I’m from Dubai.” Good to know I have a shirt should I need to blend in with a gaggle of Emeratis.