Me and My Fitbit Move Randy and Kelly

I helped Randy and Kelly move today and I was glad to do so.  I did 38 trips up and down the steps of their old apartment and my Fitbit counted every one of them.  Today I was firing on all cylinders even to the point where I did a really good job of backing up father’s truck with a trailer attached.  I picked up box after box of life lived and moved it either from an apartment to a truck or trailer and then from said truck or trailer into a house.  The recipe for moving is simply doing that until you’re done.  I was a satisfied kind of exhausted at the end of the day and Randy had bought me a keto cheesesteak which is simply a pile of meat and cheese in a bowl.

There was a slight nag to the notion that I was helping someone move on with their life.  Randy and Kelly were going from apartment to house and had called in their collective families to do it.  My amazing back-up was enabled by Randy’s sister’s husband and that is a network of relationships alien to me.  I try not to inconvenience others and would feel like I were calling in favors when I next move.  I feel I’ll do most of the work with either a flatbed or a book of matches.