Day at the Beach

My five person beach contingent had dwindled to just me and I arrived in Sea Isle City, NJ around 2:30pm. Mike and Kacey met me and we went to the beach with a kite in tow.

The wind was fickle and while I didn’t actually hit anyone with my kite I came quite close. The string struck the neck of a man reading who without lifting his eyes, removed the string from his neck and held it above his head until I plucked it from him with a thank you.

Having had enough of kiting, I swapped it for my camera. I had just gotten it back from almost $900 in repairs from mishandling and environmental damage so what did I do with it first? Took it to the beach.
My macro lens and I explored the jetties of Sea Isle City and I received far fewer strange looks than I thought I would with my 70-200mm lens in place.

The sky was low, the clouds were mean so after some corn hole and palaver we returned to the rented shore house. I wanted to take a pano and Mike volunteered to hold my belt as I stood on the second story railing but I immediately realized that this would give me only an amazing view of the roof so I took this one instead.

After some chat and cheese I took a walk and documented Sea Isle City as the sun set.

There were a few shots I didn’t think I’d get and a few I wish I had taken. Two girls were using chalk in a driveway writing “I heart ” and I couldn’t bring myself to hit the shutter button. The shot would have been entirely legal and the kind of slice-of-life picture I relish but I still carry enough POWMS (paranoid overweight white man syndrome) to decide against it. Dammit.