Take Home Test

The suit slid on comfortably for its first wearing and the gel in my hair was stylish without being sculpted. The pens were in the left inner pocket and phone in the right. The Fossil watch draped over the left wrist had enough give to slide up under the shirt cuff but not enough that it would rotate. I looked good.

I made it to the interview location within 30 seconds of on time and sat down to speak with the hiring manager. 30 minutes in, I hadn’t cursed, made an innuendo or forgotten how to speak and I was passed a competency test for SAS, SQL, and statistics. On this I did well and thence spake with two more people, the hiring manager’s manager, and the VP of Operations. Things were going well. I shook hands, I got business cards, I thanked the receptionist, I strolled, no strutted, out. I did well.

The car ride home went slowly and at the intersection of County Line and York Rd I was gripped with terror. One of the question was “how much greater is 5/8ths than 3/8ths”. Somehow, I responded “40%”. Whoops.

Return home, remove suit, hang up suit, unpack bag, find competency exam somehow in folio. Whoops.

Maybe I didn’t do as well as I thought.