More Shoes

Suzie and I arrived at Ryan and Bree’s after midnight and headed to Denny’s for a long meal. Having broken low-carb after the blood-drive I decided to continue this by having a burger and fries and stealing some of Suzie’s pancake balls. Pancake balls are donut holes served with cream cheese frosting and serve as a reminder that fried starch is a highlight of world gastronomy. Ryan and Bree talked about their upcoming wedding and their life in North Carolina and this was interspersed with asides to internet culture.

Ryan mentioned that he spent little time with non-internet people and I noticed that I feel less connected to said folk. Maybe this is a byproduct of doing contract work, spending less time with Team Interrobang, or reconnecting with Scouts and school friends.

Their home was uncluttered and hosted a new large DDR setup that stood out from the simplicity of their decor. They had a rescue dog that drank too much water and was very happy to see people and Ryan and Bree crept around trying to be polite as Suzie and I slept in. They are feeling out their future, I wish them well.

Our next stop was Cincinnati and for the first time on the end of a trip it wasn’t to drop off Suzie. She’s moving to Philadelphia and tonight we will put as much of her life in the back of my car as we can. Nine hours after leaving Charlotte we landed in Florence, Kentucky. Suzie had most of her things already packed and the move consisted largely of moving things from her room to my car.

Me: I think we got everything you wanted packed.
Her: Everything?
Me: I think so. We still have some room if there’s other things you’d like to bring.
Her: Well then, I get to bring more shoes.

More shoes, indeed.

It was a Monday.  I had a job interview in a day.  Time to drive.