Blender Test

I stayed up until 4am talking with John and Val and then until 7am talking with Suzie. This is in no way a complaint, quite the opposite, I miss talking until dawn and am glad that while it is rarer it is not gone from my life. I took a nap and then attended to household chores for the next nine hours culminating with a run to the post office at 2am.

When I returned, I was a bit tired and decided to try my immersion blender for the first time. an immersion blender looks more like a torture device than a kitchen utensil and mine was this guy in a stunning spring pink. My first experiment was to shove it into some heavy cream. You know what happens when you whip the hell out of whipping cream? You get the most amazing topping in the history of human invention. I started with just heavy cream, but quickly graduated to adding sweetener and vanilla extract. I will never buy CoolWhip again and may never purchase whipped cream again. The product of combining 200 watts and 36% milk fat is heavenly and coats the mouth in way only rivaled by some mayonnaises.

Next, I add berries.