Grounds for Sculpture

I met some former coworkers today and they shared with me the changes that occurred to my former employer since my summary dismissal that was the warning quake of the July Massacre where some 90 other coworkers were let go. Some people have been upon the grim task of preparing the building and facilities for what appear to be the next inevitable reductions which must be a special kind of gut-turning.

One of my dismissed coworkers was enjoying retirement and another was talking about relocating to where her husband worked. Otherwise, the event had an undercurrent “things out there such but I’m glad we are together” which reflects a level of camaraderie that I don’t feel existed previously. Someone brought marshmallow brownies which brought back memories of my previous life as a baker at work and I wondered if I’d continue this tradition with my new firm. We departed with the traditional “we should do this again” which I often assume is a pleasantry but these are engineers and may buck that trend.

After lunch, I shot south to Grounds for Sculpture an art park/sculpture garden to help someone learn to use their camera.

Sculpture and I have a rough past as I find most pieces done after Rodin to be emetic and think that Jeff Koons creates “pretty” not the high art worthy of notation for the future except as an amusing side street. With this in mind, I found Grounds for Sculpture to be refreshing. The two exhibits they had were interesting if one was not a bit saccharine. The outdoor displays were either large and regal, media-sized and whimsical, or small or engaging and each of these sets proved to be better than I expected. On and off storms kept us from moving at the pace I wanted and I feel I have about a 1/3 left for a future visit.

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