Museum and Meats

Yesterday evening we dropped 10 lbs of short ribs into the water oven and then went to sleep. Today, Pat and I went to the Rochester Museum and Science Center and it was surprisingly good. I purchased a student pass and reached for my ID but the teller stopped me saying “you look honest”. Pat and I took our time and learned about local… things and I learned that Pat was thinking of becoming a falconer. This sounded lame until I learned that after raising a falcon and receiving several more years of training Pat could capture and train owls. F-ing owls. How bad ass is that? I’d totally train burrowing owls and just have this team of them scurry across the ground and attack people’s ankles.

The museum had a nice collection of displays centered around the last ice age and fought the good fight on evolution and the timescales of paleontology. After the museum, Pat and I stopped at a butcher shop and he talked about arranging some expensive cut of meat to be available for him for Thanksgiving. I didn’t follow most of the conversation except for the line “and then you hold its still-beating heart” was said.

Clara returned home and we had the spare ribs. For $2.00 a lb plus spicing and electricity, those spare ribs may be the best flavor per dollar ratio food I’ve ever had.

That evening, Pat and I took a long walk around Rochester of about four miles. Rochester is a small big town rather than a big small town and it had all the trappings of a major city but simply smaller. Parking everywhere cost about $1.00 and there was a tiny tiny arts and culture district. It seemed just large enough that it would take one a full day to become familiar with it.

We had fourth meal at a diner and returned to Pat’s. We talked, and not wanting to miss an engagement tomorrow evening, I left for home.