Before First Day

Janine had come home with me and we spent the next morning trying to get a Team Fortress 2 Dodgeball server up and running. First, I loaded the wrong server type, then I loaded the wrong server type again, then I put it in the wrong place, then we learned the plugin was borked. It only took us four tries to do what we found out we couldn’t do. I consider that a successful morning.

Suzie came over later for baby back ribs, rib eye, and peanut butter pie during a “steak n’ cake” luncheon. The baby back ribs were good but not so much better than the spare ribs to justify their being triple the price.

I dropped off Janine and made my way home to get ready for my first day of work. I went to bed at a little after 10pm, stared at the ceiling for 45 minutes then walked until I was exhausted around 4am. I’m going to be totally fresh for my first day of work.