We Could Have Spiderman

Bob Tait invited me to his Halloween Party and I was excited to one, try a costume, two see Bob Tait for the first time in several years. Since last we saw each other, he switched jobs, got married, rented a house, and apparently developed a love for high end bourbon. Suzie was an impressive zombie Pikachu, I was Spiderman, Jeff was… Jeff and we headed over.

The theme for the party was Arnold Swartzenegger movies and roughly half of the costumed attendees met this requirement. A few people picked up on the fact that I was Spiderman including a couple dressed as characters from The Hangover. We got talking and they commented on my costume.

Him: Hey, you’re a camera guy, what do you think about having a wedding where we just pass out disposable cameras?
Me: That can turn out well, but it’s usually good to have someone there dedicated to getting certain group shots.
Him: But I don’t care about those.
Me: But your family does.
Her: See, listen to Spiderman.
Him: But photographers are so expensive.
Me: How much are you paying if I may ask?
Him: .
Me: I’d do it for about $500 less and that includes with my assistant.
Him: You have an assistant?
Me: Zombie Pikachu.
Her: We could have Pikachu and Spiderman as our wedding photographers?
Me: Yes, here’s my card.
Him: What are you doing in this picture?
Me: Riding a concrete sheep. I look forward to working with you.