Exercise in Masculinity

I slept well.

I food shopped.

I ran nine miles.

I showered.

I had my evening plans cancel on me.

I leaf blowed the driveway.

I showered.

Of the above, the penultimate is by far the best. After my evening plans canceled, I decided I wanted to do some home maintenance so I called my brother to borrow a leaf blower. Someone else had it.

Me: Do you have a leaf blower I can borrow?
Dave: Yes, but I’m not home. When do you need it?
Me: Wanted to take advantage of the weather.
Dave: You do have that giant one in the red shed.
Me: Is it something I could operate?
Dave: Yeah, I think so, probably.

And with that vote of confidence, I went to the red shed, pulled out the 8 HP Briggs and Stratton, added gas, and set the “Power” slider from turtle to jack rabbit and I was in business. 8 HP is a lot of power in a leaf blower. How powerful? It was able to blow away a medium sized chainsaw that was under some leaves. It literally blew the grass off the ground in some places. I have never had more fun not knowing quite how to operate something. Leaves would blow away, hit a stone wall, fly up in a plume of air and land on me. I had bits of stone and wood in my hair by the time I was done and had to shower again.

That was fun.