Brunch Encounters

Tomorrow night is my 10th High School Reunion and I will be out of town for it. This morning I had five four people, most of whom I’d seen once or twice in the intervening decade, over for brunch and we caught up.

A decade is a tidy time over which to review the question of “what have you been up to?” It’s a span of time longer than the entirety of US involvement in WWII, longer than it took for the Beatles to do all their collective works, and long enough for a child to go from birth to 4th grade, yet an answer of “not much” seem entirely plausible. On the other end of the spectrum is the answer of “keeping busy” which can lump everything from parenthood to completing a PhD thesis into the same gray lump. We shared stories, gave a run-down of our respective life CVs which sounds redundant, and I kept the dessert trays moving.

The morning was wonderful but the french toast was over done. I hope next time the bread comes out more custardy.