Return of Ideas

My CBR (cognitive background radiation, the thing you think about when you’re not thinking about something else) for the last three years or so has been women or some aspect of dating. With the advent of a job with an exam schedule and a few other things that has died and a certain creativity has popped back into my life. I’m singing more, I jot down more things on napkins and notepads, and I’ve been cooking more.

This evening at a Scout meeting, the other participants were talking about an event and how to improve it when I felt something at the back of my head. Initially, I scratched at it and found that there was nothing physically stuck to my head that shouldn’t have been there. It felt like it was getting larger and I was having trouble making out what other people were saying I was so distracted by this thing. After a bit of reflection, I realized what it was: an idea.

Good ideas are almost material to me. They feel like actual things in my brain. Photography related stuff tends to be in the center top, artier stuff behind my eyes, and more complicated systems-level stuff feels like it’s going to pop out of the back of my skull. This was a tickling of how to make a Scouting Alternate Reality Game. This is what an idea felt like, and I had forgotten.