Stand In The Place Where You Work

I burn about 400 less calories each day at my current workplace compared to where I worked before and my weight loss has ceased.  Standing at an Instron has been replaced by spreadsheets and walking across the building to bullshit has been replaced by yet more spreadsheets.  My solution was to build a  standing desk from the design I found here and I raided an Ikea to get the parts to assemble one.  Yesterday evening I assembled the stand and today I brought it onto the Regional Rail line to get it to work.  The day after Christmas saw light traffic and few people gave me guff about the snow plow/censor box that I had held around my waste to keep it from moving in the jangling train.  I then walked it through Suburban Station, past the clothespin, up an escalator, and into an elevator.  Placed upon my desk, here it is:

2012-12-26 10.55.31

The desk didn’t quite prove to be tall enough so I propped it up with reams of paper.  The laptop to the left is held up with a 10 ream paper box and things seemed pretty comfortable for the first three hours or so.

Then I made a critical miscalculation by putting on these:

2012-12-26 12.20.54-1

I had meant to try ice skating at the UPenn rink earlier, but this was the first day I had scheduled the time to do so.  I had stood for three hours then went ice skating for two.  The benches on the SEPTA car have never proven more comfortable.

The rest of the day passed without much pain but I was quite glad to again sit when I took the train home.