Lunch Cart Loss

Twice a week my lunch break consists of me just walking around Center City Philadelphia.  During about a third of these walks, I pass a lunch cart on 16th Street that looks like standard hilal fare but for which the line seems to extend three times further than most other lunch cart lines.  I made a note of which cart it was and wanted to come back again another time when the line was shorter.  Today, I took lunch at quarter after 11, ran to the cart, ordered the chicken kabob and was met with a wholly unspectacular meal.  Why was the line so long?  Was there a massive craving for mediocre dry chicken in some unknown sauce served on meat spears?  Did I have strange tastes?  I had eaten at a mall food court and on the way back passed again the street the Amazing Cart was on and found out why my lunch may have been unimpressive.  I had gone to the wrong cart.  There were two hilal lunch carts and I had missed the one with the now massive line as it’s not visible from the north due to a news stand.  The thing you saw from my vantage was the massive line and nothing more.