High School Drop Ins

A friend in a previous life was moving to Florida to try to reboot her life and was having a Going Away Bar Night.  I don’t drink but it was nice to see people I’d not seen for a decade.  The person for whom we were having the evening was going to make it as an actress in Florida.  She didn’t have a plan should that not work out and I don’t know if that’s to be applauded or disparaged.  I hope it works for her.  I met up with someone I knew that was the rare “English major who was using her degree that wasn’t a teacher”.  She works for a publisher in New York City and commutes there daily.  She loves what she does.

The final person I spoke with was a pretty girl who I hadn’t seen in nine years.  She has been dating the same person since then and is slowly warming to getting married.  Each summer she spends a week in Delaware and that seems to be the highlight of her year.  She wanted to travel more but thought it expensive.  We talked about doing a day trip to New York.  We agreed that I’d make the arrangements if they covered my train ticket.  I gave her my card and asked for her to poke me when she had an idea when in May she’d like to go.  I very much hope I get a call.