Back Home

I transitioned back to my house from my mother’s today and I was glad to return home.  I noticed the smell of cat and smoke as I do every time I return home after an extended time away and Max seemed excited to have me back.  He even seemed to pick up on my frail state and was extra energetic when playing with his socks or bedding so I wouldn’t have to do much work to play with him.
The stairs were slow going and going up and down them in a 15 minute window left me winded.  Sleeping still required me to prop up my back and bend my knees and achieving this posture required gathering six pillows from around the house, that is to say all of the extras.  My dad knew that nicotine would interfere with my recovery and politely hurried through his cigarette when he saw me approach.
Some standard elements of my house had become traps.  The tubes in me had a tendency to catch on door knobs and chair arms so whenever I stood it was with caution.  The mail box seemed an impossible distance away and getting up to let out the dog or cat required willpower.  Max no longer bothered me to let him out at night just so he could come in and get a treat and the cat seemed to use his litter box more.
This household too molded to my needs and I appreciated it.