2018 Summer Road Trip – Chicago Work Day

This was a work day. Part of the agreement that allowed me to take three weeks off was that I’d have periodic work days to attend to things. This was one of those days. Our Chicago office had grown considerably since last I visited with the standard people I work with now being highly outnumbered by everyone else. I hope this is a good sign. Their office was much more casual than the head office in which I work and several people were around a large television working on things while watching the world cup. I heard no screaming or other jubilation so either people were polite or unmoved….or maybe all the matches were 0-0 ties.

We finished at work, returned to our host’s place, and quickly departed for Duluth. Not quite Duluth but Superior, Wisconsin. The important part was that hotel prices were lower. Leaving at 6pm and with 450 miles or so to cover, I was pleased that with traffic we arrived before 2am. My travel partner started out and drove for about 300 miles for a proper 4 hours and over that time she went from “I’m going to go the speed limit” to “I’m willing to go slightly above the speed limit to move with traffic”.  I’m considering this progress.  We arrived at our hotel in Superior, WI at about 2am on the button and quickly went to bed.

This post was made on 2018-07-27 and is backdated.