Before our Act Sci 3503 test, we were all looking around prepared for the ogive-drench Nelson-Aalen estimator induced death march.  I looked at the guy next to me and asked him to show me his game face.  Nothing… I asked the guy to the right of me, and he look stern faced.  I started making my way around the room and finally got a solid “grr…” after some prodding.  Then, we got to the Asian TA who without provocation clenched his fists, winced his eyes and gave a resounding “raaaaaw”.  That broke the tension nicely.

We discussed interview dress today in BA 2101 and the teacher mentioned that if you’re interviewing for marketing or buying for a clothier you should wear their attire to the interview.  I immediately burst out laughing.  The teacher asked what was so funny and responded “Speedo”.

It was going to say Victoria’s Secret, which is what I was thinking but between the feminist majority bitch in the 2nd row and the fact that they’re trying to become a dresswear firm I opted against it

Later the term “butter mustache” came up but I can’t remember under what context and a somehow that got combined with hummus to make a Dirty Sanchez.  I fell asleep during this, so I may have missed something

A bonus assignment for BA 2101 involved doing a “skills and passions inventory” so as a bit of an end-note I included my personal statement of value (available on the about page if you really care). I received the paper back, but didn’t get any credit because I failed to include a citation for the quote… that I came up with… titled “my value statement”. I almost sent her the link to the source until I realized the sterling praise I often give my business classes at Temple. Gr…

In my BA 2101 “Get Ready to Work” class, one assignment consisted of creating a fake experience portfolio for a job interview.  The process was to think about a hypothetical piece of work you could provide to an employer to prove competence in your field.  Easy for a photographer, actor, or writer, not so easy for an actuary.  I wrote the following:

  1. Randomly select 10 people from local retirement home
  2. Guess when they’ll die
  3. Check-up periodically, select new people as fogeys succumb to icy hand of death

I hope that counts.  Should it not, like four would become “based on results, adjust investments in Centrum Silver and coffin manufacturers accordingly.

I’m currently sitting in BA 2101 and looking over the shoulder of the guy in front of me’s laptop.  He’s on a Nike-fanboy site talking about some guy who stole prototypes of a new color (it was gold with green sparkles).  His Flickr feed consisted of pictures of his shoes in front of monuments and stuff  and he’s a moderator on NikeTalk.   During this he took a picture of his shoes in class. Somewhere, a marketing executive for Nike has just climaxed while a child factory worker shed a single tear.