Business Casual

Before our Act Sci 3503 test, we were all looking around prepared for the ogive-drench Nelson-Aalen estimator induced death march.  I looked at the guy next to me and asked him to show me his game face.  Nothing… I asked the guy to the right of me, and he look stern faced.  I started making my way around the room and finally got a solid “grr…” after some prodding.  Then, we got to the Asian TA who without provocation clenched his fists, winced his eyes and gave a resounding “raaaaaw”.  That broke the tension nicely.

We discussed interview dress today in BA 2101 and the teacher mentioned that if you’re interviewing for marketing or buying for a clothier you should wear their attire to the interview.  I immediately burst out laughing.  The teacher asked what was so funny and responded “Speedo”.

It was going to say Victoria’s Secret, which is what I was thinking but between the feminist majority bitch in the 2nd row and the fact that they’re trying to become a dresswear firm I opted against it

Later the term “butter mustache” came up but I can’t remember under what context and a somehow that got combined with hummus to make a Dirty Sanchez.  I fell asleep during this, so I may have missed something