Overkill saves overdone

Ryan has been doing a lot of the cooking recently so I prepared marinaded pork for him, my father and I.  I prepared this in my typical way:  A pan sear in a cast iron skillet for 90 seconds a side followed by 2 minutes in an oven set to kill (500°F).  Little did I realize how long I had left the skillet on the burner top on high as later I would discover that the iron was oxidizing off.  Anyway, I add some salt and peanut oil and turn my head only to hear a “woof” followed by a nutty smell.  I’m pretty sure my dad saw this coming as he went to open the door for me.  How did I get a 800°F cast iron pan out the door you may ask?  Because like any incompetent chef I use flame proof welding gloves instead of pot holders.  Fuck you, Martha Stewart Everyday.