Black Friday, smack Friday

I hate Black Friday.  It violates the sacred ideal of cooperation that applies to all non-cr4ck3r nerd (fuck (|24(|< 3|25).  It pits nerd vs. nerd in a pre-dawn bum rush.  Today, I arrived at Best Buy at 4 AM and saw few parking spots.  Frown.  I then saw the folks at the front of the line appeared not have shaved in a few days.  A nerd norm, but when I saw the same unshavenness 70 people back, I knew I would not get the unnecessarily discounted DVD player I sought.  Frown.  I went hope and bummed around on the internet and on eBay saw the DVD player I looked for being sold by USADVD4L3SS, and at a net price about the same as Best Buy.  Smile.