The Post Office of Wonder

I went to the Post Office to send some cards to the Czech Republic and encountered an interminable list of Faulknerian Idiot Manchildren as listed below.1.  A women who had 45 Christmas letters, roughly half of which had to go international and 6 packages.  Each item had a single 39 cent stamp on it and roughly 10 minute elapsed in explaining that 39 cents would not send a bottle of Vodka to Kyrgyzstan and another 5 in her saying that the scale was innacurate and that a Christmas card couldn’t possibly weigh more than an oz.

2.  A profoundly fat woman who gave the stare of disgust while forcing her self around me through the double door.  I don’t think she thought the other of the french door was locked despite the fact that her massive ass was opening it as she revealed her idiocy to me.

3.  A man who looked suspiciously up and down the line while I swear he was just faking filling out a customs order and if you looked at him directly he’d stare at a poster of Holiday Stamps.

Whenever someone would reset their feet, the person behind them would shift forward and the whole line would contract.  I failed to observe this rite and was nearly shoved to fill in the 6″ void in front of me.  The line nearly halved its length despite not a single person having been served.