Attack of the Condomites!

Kevin and I set up the projector in Palmer and started playing Arkanoid on the wall when we were raided by an infinite (>6) number of Cub Scouts that upon seeing a giant video game on the wall split into equal sized groups, one dedicated to yelling “can I play?” the other running in front of the screen and doing horendous ballet moves.  We began kicking them out and they’d come back with their parent that’d drop them off in some twisted version of daycare so they could back to ignoring their children (why else join Cub Scouting?)  After about 45 minutes of one fat kid proving that he’d be rejected by women for the rest of his life by walking in front of the screen and yelling “look at me!” Kevin looked me straight in the eyes and said “Gha, it’s like we’re being attacked by birth control.”