Holy Roman Empire, neither Holy nor Roman nor Empire. Discuss

My toothache has hit day 7 and I decided to consult higher powers (ie a dentist) and knew I made the right decision when my call was answered by a stereotypical Jewish grandmother.
Me: Hi, I’d like to set up an appointment for a dental exam.
Linda Richman: What’s wrong, dawling?
Me: I’ve had a toothache of a bit, and I’ve had trouble sleeping and it’s getting worse.
Linda Richman: My Gawd! You poaw thing.  I’ll schedule you wright away, someone just canceled, how tawmoorow at fauw?
Me: That’d be fine.
Linda Richman: We’ll get you fixed, don’t worry, we’re here to help.It was surprisingly comforting.  I’ve also found that sassy black women are great customer service agents when navigating large bureaucracies and disaffected college students don’t question returns.