I walked into the dentist office and felt like I got hit by an estrogen bomb.  The walls were light pink, the scrubs were purple and there was chilled bottled water for new folks.  I checked in and the Jewish grandmother I spoke with indeed turned out to be a Jewish grandmother which was doubly verified when I was called “her little trooper” or something equally cute.  I fill in the forms and when asked when I last saw a dentist responded with “the Berlin wall had just falling and Regan was lookin’ fine” which got a funny stare from the ditsy hygienist who I then just said “six years” to.  I fear she won’t understand my hyperbole and may believe than the wall fell in 2001.Anyway, I started talking with her and asked her if she planned on being a dentist “I used to want to be a hygienist, but don’t want to clean people’s teeth everyday.  I want to be where the action is, I’m thinking of becoming an orthodontist.”