I went to lunch with Nick at Perkins to try and convince him not to run for Section chief and the fact that the Warminster Perkins is manned by a pile of genetic rejects.  Here’s why:1. Upon entering I went to the bathroom and emerged to Nick not having been seated.  When I asked why he hadn’t been seated the host said “I thought he was just looking at pies”.

2. I ordered a cheese omelet with ham and Nick got a ham and cheese omelet.  Mine somehow cost 1.29 more.

3. When I paid I left a tip of 4.12 which the cashier had to manually punch in.  She somehow entered 4.15 cents apologized and gave me a quarter.

4. While apologizing she mentioned they’ve had a bad day to which I responded “yeah, that police caution tape over there was our first indicator.” Causing her to stare over in the corner for 15 seconds and then saying she needed to get her glasses.  A forehead slap ensued.