I’ve been operating a tester that rubs a material against another material in a Lissajous Curve.  Normally this is done about 100 times taking about 2 minutes, but this work order required 1500 strokes during which I must stare at a glorified spirograph.  I watched it for a few minutes and promptly fell asleep and woke up 40 minutes later with no one in the room and I thought I was safe.  Later a co-worker asked me if I’d been having trouble sleeping because of my tooth and I asked how she knew.
She:  I was looking for something in L’s lab and saw you at the Martindale.  At first I thought you were just watching it really intently, then when you still stared at it after it stopped running and you made a little whistly snore noise I figured I should leave you alone.
Lesson learned: Sleeping while you should be watching an experiment is nearly as reinvigorating as falling a sleep while you should be paying attention in Calc 3.