Generic NSAIDs come in a number of forms and all have well designed packages that mimic the brand named ones.  I was looking for Tylenol/acetaminophen and didn’t know if I should get extra strength or arthritis specific one that’s actually more powerful making the extra strength regular strength.  Almost all others have no normal strength and just extra strength except aspirin which has a regular strength, reduced strength and low strength, making regular extra and reduced regular.  Even better, Motrin has an all day version that lasts 8 hours and a regular that lasts 6, of which you can take two each period, except that you can only take 6 of the 8s and 8 of the 6s in the day and it still comes out to 4000mg but they manage to charge 20% more by calling it slow release and rebranded the regular as “fast acting” despite it being the same speed it always was.  Interestingly, the slow release is patented, while the generic equivalent is also slow release but unpatented and probably consists of a little coffee filter instead of some big money ubermolecule that controls space-time.  Luckily before my head popped and blood shot out my eye my prescription was filled and I could escape the pull of aisle 6B.