Well, it was the day of dental reckoning and at about 9:00 AM I learned the procedure was not covered by my insurance.  Frown.  Anyway, while they were setting up, the nurses were talking back and forth as the anesthetic started flowing and their conversation was so WASPy that I couldn’t keep a straight face.  Such as the Leading-question-so-you’ll-ask-me-and-I’ll-look-amazing:
“So, what are you doing for Easter?”
“Not much, having some people over.  And you?”
“Every year new people come because of the great meals I prepare, this year I’ll have 24 people, I hope I can make enough deviled eggs”
“Ha ha (a little piece of her died inside and some day she’ll go at the other chick with an ice pick)”
So I start giggling and the following happened:
Me: Giggle
Nurse 1: The anesthetic must be taking affect.
Nurse 2: Uh… I haven’t started it yet.
Me: *Laughs to self again*

This happened twice more when they discussed how they prepared their hams and had an argument over butter vs. shortening.  This ended when the doctor came in and actually started the flow of drugs and slowly the nurses began making sense….