New Guy from Packaging and I went out to lunch until 25 minutes into the car ride I realized we weren’t there yet.  I look at him, mention that I typically only take a half hour for lunch and shrugs his shoulders saying his boss isn’t in so he doesn’t care.  I ask him where he’s going and says “an Indian place I know”, and by the time we’re actually there I’m pretty sure we could have been in Canada.  We eat, return and I book it into the lab knowing I’ve spent two and a quarter hours on a 30 minute lunch break.  I broach the threshold of the door ready to profusely apologize to my boss when he looks at me and says “Terry, today you’ve learned a vital lesson.  Never go to lunch with someone from packaging.”  Even worse, the Tanduri chicken got lodged in my tooth sockets making my gums swell, so for the next few hours I was pulling little strings out of the back of my mouth that looked like a vegetable but having no idea from where they came.