Today’s discussion on evolution contained the following:
Crazy-Asian-Girl using the verb “evoluting” no less than 3 times.

Me: Most non-Evangelical religions have no problem with evolution, for Catholics, Pope Pius X okayed it (I later corrected myself as it was Pius XII)
Bitter-Catholic-Girl-That-Looks-Like-Kate-Hudson: I went to Catholic school and we didn’t talk about it.
Me: I’ll be sure to have the Pope look into that as Sister Marry Dumbass was obviously his theological superior.Crazy-Asian-Girl: The way genetic engineering is going, we’re going to be like the X-Men soon, do you really want that?
Every Male in the Class: Yes.

Guy-to-My-Right: Did Cyclops have any powers besides laser vision?
Me: Yes, sleeping with Jean Grey.
Guy-to-My-Right: Considering he was such a dick I’ll consider that a super power.