I wasted a lot of time at work today.  In fact, I had so much planned, I was planning on wasting time after my co-workers left.  The key was getting to that point.  So, when they wouldn’t leave, I got a little angry, until I realized, I was doing a cross-word puzzle.  That’s right, I was complaining about having to waste time until my coworkers left so I could waste time, but in solitude.Also, I showed some of my co-workers the Kiwi Video that won the YouTube Awards.  I thought the video was wonderful and humor-filled, all my co-workers cried thinking the Kiwi died at the end.
Kate: But the kiwi died.
Me: It’s an animated kiwi!
Kate: So, it’s still going to die. And then die again if you show that video again. *cry*
Me: Hm…. Well what if I said the kiwi landed in a shallow pool of water?
Kate: Then it would drown *cry*
Me: Okay, okay, what about a pool of water sufficiently deep to stop its fall but not deep enough to drown it?
Kate: I could live with that.