For years I’ve fumed at the cost of replacement cables from most big box retailers, but today I received my vengeance.  OfficeMax had a 15″ LCD TV/Monitor that was open box and I asked about the price of $159.00.  I asked if I could see it and when the manager brought out the box and I told him it was missing the cables (and the power supply) I asked if I could deduct the cost of replacements from the monitor. He agreed.  I returned with a 15′ Belkin Premium Gold Plated video cable and a Belkin variable output power supply totaling $85.00.  My new $75 monitor was put in a bag and it was off to to find a replacement cable.  That cable along with the power supply I found in my box of power supplies came to a whopping $11.00.  If only they stocked Monster cables I’m certain I could have walked out with a $10.00 monitor.  I should write a thank you letter to Belkin in the mean time.