I have a ridiculously important test tomorrow in Act Sci 305, so I took the day off and spent time… doing anything but studying.  The more important something is the better, in general, I am at avoiding it until calamity is garaunteed.  I sorted Magic cards (it had to be done eventually), cleaning my car (it had to be done eventually), filling out warranty cards (…) and so on.  I knew I was really scraping bottom when I cleaned my teeth.  Not the ones in my mouth, but the wisdom teeth I recently had removed.  There was a lot of caked on blood and spittle and I thought they deserved to be as off-white as my other teeth.  I walk into the bathroom, and look around, grab my dad’s toothbrush and went to town on them.  Don’t feel bad for my father’s toothbrush as he has dentures and has never been very capable with a toothbrush.  I’m sure his nightly screwdrivers do more to clean his faux-teeth than nylon strands ever have.  So, I now have some really clean former teeth and a shitload of studying to do.  Maybe I’ll start coming up with training activities for the June Staff Training.