Medical emergencies happen at work in waves.  I’ve been on the EMRT on and off for a year or so.  During which I’ve never had just 1 incident in a day, either 0 or like 4.  Today was not a 0 day.  The first call came early and a man was complaining of gut pain and cold sweating.  Immediately, the ambulance was called as everyone assumed he was having a heart attack using faulty logic (he’s old, he’s fat, he must be having a heart attack).  The first clue was that the pain came in waves, the second that his blood pressure was normal, the third was that he ate from the cafeteria that morning.  As the ambulance arrived, I was vindicated when they agreed that it was merely indigestion.  The second call was unusual in that the ambulence wasn’t there after a few minutes, so I asked if anyone was signaling the ambulance and someone said there was, after another 3 minutes I went downstairs and saw another member of the team in the lobby.
Me: Is someone waiting for the ambulance?
Her: Yeah, I am.  It’s driven by a couple of times.
Me: Shouldn’t someone be out there signaling?
Her: Nah, they know where we are.
Good job, you.