I called department heads about the May 5th Leader Meeting and spoke with most for about 3 minutes, the exception was Howard Kay, clocking in at 1:34:05.  Half way through the conversation I reach down to grab something from the floor, hit my head on the desk on the way back up and my nose started bleeding uncontrollably.  Blood is rushing down my face and he’s talking moccasin designs, and I look frantically around the room and rip pages out of the Dick Blick catalog and jam one up my nose while grabbing the phone I had dropped.  I heard Mr. Kay and his son arguing over the knotting kids use today for gimp and how lazy they are.  I tell him that someone had driven across the camp lawn as I jump to my feet and discover that THERE ARE NO FUCKING TISSUES IN THE ENTIRE BUILDING. I remember Barbrajean’s secret stash of toilet paper in Karen’s desk and strike gold.  I return to the desk, truimphant and dripping snotty blood and return to discussing the difference between a belt blank, and a blanked belt.