One of the IH text on which the final was based was Clifford’s Blues, a book so unread it’s wikipedia article is barely a stub.  Today I received about 5 emails from classmates claiming they’d lost the book or couldn’t remember a key part for the question.
My response: The primatial causation to Dr. Nyassa’s autosomatoelectroexicution lie within the vicissitudes of the his German Socialist’s allopathic consanguinity’s choice of methodologies to cause the delivery cessation of  his bifurcatorial homoculi.  Hermatospermia would be the only ejaculatory result as the vas deferens were abbreviated denying an action shown in even primative petrasomatoglyphic depictions.

I figure if they can figure that out, they deserve the answer.  Real answer: Nazi’s stopped his baby-maker from working.  I’m officially a condescending prick.