The trained was packed today, but these were people not used to a packed train and ignored the basic rules of train etiquette.  The ideal passenger behaves like taffy, moving gently to accommodate those around you.  Instead, today’s trainfolk acted like water.  When someone got up, the seated people immediately expanded to fill all possible space.  If even after expansion there was blank space, objects would appear, book bags, small children, coats, and in one case a flowered-filled vase instantly filled the blank space.  Sick of this, I went to the seat with the women who decided her vase deserved to seat.  I made eye contact, she looked at the vase and then at me in arrogant disgust with a look that said “You would put your butt where one the aesthetic of the flower sat?”  I reply with a face that said “I may have to consult a proctologist when I’m done, but I will have my butt is rock to your vases scissors”.  The vase was moved, and I resumed playing FreeCell on my tablet.