I may have started inter-office warfare at my dentist’s office.  I arrived for my gum cleaning and after a round of questions about my dental history that made me look downright British.  This was my second visit so the closing comments were familiar much to the anger of my dentist.
Her: Your math is like a car, if you don’t change the oil every few months…
Me: …. you’ll gunk up the engine.
Her: Oh, so I’ve told you before?
Me: No, Karen did.  Dr. Wasko.
Her: Karen?! I can’t even call her that.  And she stole my line.  She told me she thought it was dumb and now she’s using it!
I’m pretty sure I heard her say “That bitch”.  This was a poor move on my behalf as rather than having my teeth cleaned by a professionally driven dentist it was now done a rage-driven woman scorned.  I don’t remember cleanings involving that much bleeding, but I learned my lesson.